The Bliss Of Mauritius

Mauritius is a renowned Island in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa to the Southeast. It is a country consisting of Islands namely Rodrigues, Mauritius, and Agalega, as well as the archipelago Saint Brandon. Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and the country’s expanse is 2040 km2, which makes it the 180th largest nation in the world size wise. Saint Brandon is the island situated closest to Mauritius, being 430 km to the northeast. The Rodrigues island is situated a vast distance (560 km) to the east of Mauritius, while the island of Agalega is situated almost twice as far to the north of Mauritius.


Mauritius island was created by volcanic eruptions. However, these islands are not volcanically active any longer and from the historical records, there has not been an account of any volcanic activity on Mauritius island for more than 100,000 years. Surrounding Mauritius is a wrecked band of mountain ranges, which vary in altitude from 300 m to 800 m. The land is well furnished by streams and rivers, most of which are formed in the cracks formed by lava flow. These islands, streams and a couple of other features and breath-taking sceneries make all inclusive Mauritius holidays.

Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate, which is adjusted by southeast trade winds. There are the warm, dry winter winds from May to November; and the hot, wet, humid summer winds from November to May. These more or less define the seasons in the year—winter and summer. The climate on the central highlands is cooler than that on the coastal lowlands, but there are no much differences in temperature between the two seasons of the year.

CycloneMauritius also exhibits some natural perils—cyclones, which mostly occur from December to March. For a finer breakdown of the climatic regime of different areas, note that the East coast is the windiest part of the Island while the west coast is the hottest area. The hottest period of the year spans from December to February while the period between June and August are the coolest. October is the month known for intense dryness so you need to be well hydrated should you decide to tour Mauritius during this time.

pereybere-beachTourists who visit Mauritius have a number of destinations to consider among a vast array of options. For instance, Pereybere is a brilliant beach for the public, which is well-liked for its shopping conveniences, pubs and restaurants. It makes one of the best destination beaches for swimmers. Grand Bay is another breath-taking destination, which was also the first region of the island to experience a tourist boom at its fullest. It is commonly regarded as a shopping paradise and a place of ecstasy. Apart from tourists, Mauritians also crowd Grand Bay whenever they want a night out full of fun in discos, bars, and restaurants.

SSRIf green is your color, then the Labourdonnais Orchards are a must-see. Here, you will come across a vast assortment of tropical fruit-bearing trees, and exotic flowers so colorful and fragrant. Then there is the SSR Botanical Garden, where you will find some plants native to this island of bliss. This is actually the most ancient botanical garden in the entire Southern Hemisphere, established in 1770. It covers a stretch of roughly 37 hectares and includes some vegetation distinctive to Mauritius. This botanical garden is also the habitat of several kinds of animals, which include tortoises, deer, and fish. Fish and crabs are also found in their diversity in the Aquarium situated near Pointe Aux Piments. Remarkably, this aquarium also has some stone fish, turtles, and sharks.

The-Caudan-WaterfrontHaving visited the rich Mauritius coastline, The Caudan Waterfront is a destination not to be missed out. This is where you find a vast collection of local souvenir shops and foreign brand supplies including clothes. In this locality, you will also find beaches, game arcades, local restaurants and the Movie Theater, in addition to the harbor of Mauritius. Back to town, The Bazaar of Port-Louis offers an assortment of the cheapest food in the city of Port Louis, tropical fruits, and snacks. Several shops also offer fine-crafted cultural and traditional artifacts such as the basket locally known as ‘goni’.

The list of destinations in the island of Mauritius seems endless and actually never exhaustive. If you decide to visit the South east, endeavor to see Ile aux Aigrettes, Mahebourg, Souillac, blue bay, and Rochester Falls. The west has the Tamarin Beach, Flic en Flac, Chamarel, Martello Towers and the Salt Pans, among others. With all these destination alternatives at hand, your dream of all inclusive mauritius holidays can become a reality.

Singapore: Grand Entertainment In An Ultra-Modern City

Trips to Southeast Asia will not be complete without a stop in the fascinating city-state of Singapore. Indeed, the former British colony is often the preferred gateway to the region thanks to its strategic location, impressive infrastructure, and variety of entertainment options. There is something here for everyone from the budget traveler to the most discriminating holiday-maker.

The Pull of Singapore


The country is certainly known for its affluence with a GDP per capita that ranks among the highest in the world. It has soaring skyscrapers that many of the largest multinational companies call home. Urban planning is second to none with a modern transport system that makes tours a breeze. The crime rate is among the lowest of any nation enabling foreigners can go around with confidence at any time of the day. This is certainly a good thing as there are plenty of sites to visit within this relatively small area.

English is widely spoken because of British influence. Most of the street signs, posters, and billboards are also in English so even those who are coming here for the first time should be able to navigate their way around the city just fine. Most locals have a mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian heritage. There is also a sizeable population of expatriates from every corner of the globe making this a true melting pot.

Luxury Holidays in the Lion City

highest-swimming-poolSingapore is an ideal luxury holidays destination with plenty of fine establishments ready to provide impeccable service. Unlike other tourist spots, there are no stunning beaches, magnificent mountains, or ancient temples to see here. What the city-state offers is entertainment wrapped in an ultra-modern package. This can be clearly seen in its integrated resorts that feature five-star hotels, casinos, shopping malls, convention centers, and museums. There are also theme parks that kids will surely love, as well as nature reserves, zoos, and gardens for those looking for a respite from the concrete jungle.

Marina Bay

The Marina Bay by nightThe area around the bay has been developed into a glitzy section that is comparable to Sydney Harbour. It even has an equivalent for the famous Opera House with the Esplanade Theaters that resemble the durian fruit. There is a futuristic garden with giant artificial trees that light up at night. The Singapore Flyer mimics the London Eye and gives passengers the chance to see the bustling metropolis from a great height. A track also hosts the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix as well as other racing events.

High rollers can check out the Marina Bay Sands Casino that is open 24 hours a day. It has 1,500 slot machines and 600 gaming tables for guests who would like to try their luck in games of chance. The now iconic Sands SkyPark lets visitors dine in restaurants 55 stories high and swim in an infinity pool with an incredible view of the city below.


This small island used to be a British fortress in World War II but it has since been converted into an enticing tourist attraction that draws locals and foreigners alike. The Resorts World complex is the busiest part of the island. It includes a casino which was the first of its kind to open in the country. It is located under the Crockfords Tower hotel and has 500 gaming tables offering traditional and Asian favorites.

The Universal Studios theme park is a family favorite with seven different themed zones. The main attraction is the Battlestar Galactica rollercoaster that has two tracks simultaneously loaded with passengers, with each track offering a different experience. Voyage de la Vie, an epic circus theater performance, can be seen at Festive Grand. There are lots of restaurants and stores for souvenirs at the nearby VivoCity mall. Locals also like to go to Sentosa to hit the beaches and take a stroll in the botanical gardens.

Orchard Road

This Mecca of avid shoppers features a vast network of high-end shopping malls that carry almost every major brand on the market. Its name was derived from the orchards that populated the area in the 1800s. These may be long gone but the large trees that line the road provide a welcome burst of green in the busy shopping district.

Walking along the road is a treat in itself with eye-catching d├ęcor found on every storefront. As Christmas approaches, the district goes full throttle in providing shoppers with visual delights that celebrate the season. There is an endless array of restaurants to go to when hunger strikes. Remarkable museums are also nearby for lovers of art and history.